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Vendisys is a cloud-based B2B lead generation firm with a mission to transform the sales funnel.
We provide Meeting-Ready Leads® that help businesses of all sizes to boost revenue, shrink time-to-market, and reduce time-to-revenue.

Our proprietary technology directly connects your sales team with decision-makers—without the cold calls and without the lengthy campaigns. We target your prospects, identify buyers, engage them, convert them into actionable sales-ready leads, and then deliver them to your inbox.

Our leads are ready to meet with your sales team.

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We use a revolutionary algorithmic prospecting solution called vBox® to generate the first-and-only, new breed of meeting-ready sales leads.
Our solution guarantees:

  • Access to the decision-makers targeted with precision
  • Net-new opportunities at predefined high-profile target companies
  • 10X more volume than traditional email marketing campaigns
  • ZERO telemarketing


For almost fifteen years, we have provided solutions to a wide range of clients, from small B2B early stage startups to innovative and growth-oriented Fortune 500 companies.

“It’s amazing that with only one email sent by your vBox, we can have the CEO of Time Warner ask the CIO, to refer us to the appropriate person for our product. We have sent countless emails to Time Warner with no results. I have to say that we cannot keep up with the PALs that you are sending us. I might even have to ask you to slow down...”

— Sacha Stel

“Vendisys has generated over 80% of the meeting activity for my region in the past nine months.”

— Jeff T. Wagner

“The quality we have seen with Vendisys is unmatched. They are dedicated to the success of their clients, and it shows.”

— Peter Schumacher


The most valuable items in your sales toolbox are meeting-ready, sales-ready leads that lead directly to revenue in the shortest possible timeframe. It’s time to meet your new PALs.

Our proprietary lead generation engine, known as vBox®, produces Powerful Actionable Leads® (PALs).

PALs are ready to meet with your sales team.

  • Target leads with decision-making authority at the companies you approve
  • Receive emails from leads ready to take action
  • Push PALs into most SaaS CRMs, including SalesForce
  • Minimize risk with performance-based pricing
Watch our Vendisys 6 Step Process

six step

1 - Go-To-Market Strategy

Develop an ROI model based on your average deal sizes, win ratios, and yields against your target universe to drive net new pipeline and revenues.

2 - List Development

Define micro-segments based on NAICS codes, slice-and-dice your target universe, and prioritize our campaigns.

3 - Message Design

Design compelling email messages using a unique Solution Selling methodology.

4 - Running vBox

Run vBox to generate PALs for you.

5 - PAL Delivery

vBox will email you the PALs in real-time. vBox can also push PALs in real-time into your SaaS CRM such as Salesforce.com.

6 - Vendisys Consulting

Coach and certify PAL users to ensure maximum conversion of PALs into meetings, pipeline, and closed deals. Review campaign performance metrics, reporting, and ROI tracking.

All you have to do
is coordinate
meeting times


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Leadership Team

Erik Paulson
CEO & Founder

Shah Kadirmohideen
Chief Technology Officer

John Kaplan
Vice President of Sales