Vendisys, a B2B lead generation company, will transform your B2B sales funnel by generating powerful sales- ready leads that boost revenues and shrink time-2-market and time-2-revenue.

Introducing Powerful Actionable B2B Leads ®
(PALs ®)

First and only outbound sales-ready leads that are meeting-ready and are 100% cold-call free.

PALs enable sales teams to identify, gain access, and engage with powerful and relevant decision makers early in the sales cycle to boost win-rates and deal sizes while shrinking cycle times.

PALs enable our clients to:

  • Gain instant exposure across hi-profiled accounts
  • Boost net new business by 120-155%
  • Shrink sales cycles by 10-45%
  • Eliminate risk with our Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) pricing model
  • Gain 10-50X Return on their Marketing Investments